Our Mission

Isaiah 49

1. To equip the Body of Christ by:

  • Calling believers to a deeper relationship with Christ- to the place of worship & intimacy, passion & pure devotion to Christ.
  • Preparing the bride of Christ for His return. Proclaiming the call to “purify, beautify and occupy” till he comes.
  • Motivating & mobilising believers to fulfil the great commission. Helping the saints to discover the call of God on their lives and enabling them to fulfil it.
  • Equipping and encouraging Christian Leaders in the fulfilment of their call.


2. Outreaches

  • Taking the gospel of Christ to the Nations of the world, accompanied with miracles, signs & wonders, bringing healing & restoration to the total man.


Mode of Operation

1. Hold regular miracle, healing & evangelistic crusades and dinner outreaches, both locally and internationally.

2. Organise conferences, seminars and training workshops for equipping and edifying the body of Christ,as well as spiritual aid, giving physical and material aid to the less priviledged i.e. Widows, orphans and the poor.